Art Hill: Dave, Christy & Bodley

Art Hill. A St. Louis treasure in the heart of Forest Park. A beauty to walk (or run!) in the warmer months and home to epic sledding adventures each wintery snow-day. And let’s not forget the art museum itself.


It’s one of the many places in St. Louis I’ll have to say “see ya later” to this summer as the hubs and I prepare to move to the Southwest. We’re excited of course, but leaving St. Louis will be hard. It is home afterall.

This particular shoot was an actual goodbye for some fellow seminary friends. Dave and Chisty (and let’s not forget Bodley!) wanted some photos to remember their time in St. Louis before their big move. Where better than the beloved Art Hill?


Don’t be deceived. They’re actually pretty silly in real life.


Bodley couldn’t bear not being the center of attention.


This is Dave. I first met Dave on an Ultimate Frisbee field. He’s got a mean throw and is a less mean (actually quite nice) person.


This is Christy. I admire her good natured self-effacement and clever wit. Never a dull conversation with this lady.

Friends, this day was a privilege. St. Louis will miss you.


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